Sunday, 8 May 2011

Galleries from my face book pages.

This one is Nottingham UK, same shots from different time periods. Nice to see the differences, especially if you know or are from Nottingham.

Nottingham (Same area) from different times
Thought provoking I hope!

Nottingham City Centre
The old slab square, and area around it.

Old Nottingham Transport
I love these, hope you get your memory prompted looking at them!

Nottingham Forest's 1959 FA Cup Winning Team
Ah the memories!

Old, some rare, cigarette packets
Can you remember many of them?

Vehicles I have driven over the years
Old and new.

Funnies about Nottingham Security Industry I enjoyed making
Laugh promoting funnies about Security!

Photograph's taken on me walks in Nottingham
Only four up to now, but I hope to build them up today on me marathon walk to Bulwell - or maybe me short walk into town...