Friday, 30 September 2011

Photographs of Nottingham - Old & New

An Old advert for Home Ales

Long gone now of course, along with manners, many shops, & honest politicians! 

30th September 2011

Grantham Canal - West Bridgford
I was feeding the ducks!

Nottingham Council House 2012

Tram stop and wires in view

Nottingham Council House 1926
The Open Market, the original trams, ans hundreds of people!

The Meadows - Wilford Grove

As was!

Dr Cooper's surgery on the corner of Wilford Crescent East.
The library just out of view on the right.
I was abiding at 49 Wilford Grove at the time of this photo being taken, from just outside the landlady Mary Gavin, and husband Jack's front door on the left out of view.
In those days I had hair, honour, and hope!

The Meadows - Corner of Kirkwright and Derwent Street

The Cricketers Rest pub on the right, corner of Derwent Street, the railway bridge that carried the trains into Arkwright Street Station, that was positioned on the viaduct above my house.
Many a time, as I played in the back-yard near the toilet and coal houses, my hair was caught fire by the burning embers from those trains, I never knew if I'd done wrong or my hair was alight until the neighbour would stop belting me around the head!
Memories invoked with this photo: Duncan's grocers, Fry's Chip Shop, The Grove Cinema (just before the bridge on the left), Maureen Attaway (an early love), the greengrocers, and when the Billy Smart elephant escaped from the stables, causing havoc and mayhem!

Early postcard of Theatre Royal
With on the right at the back: The Empire Theatre of variety.
Watmoughs Sweet shop of the corner!

The ABC Cinema - Long Row
Once named the Carlton, I think it had another name too, but cannot recall it.
Can anyone help me with this please comment if you can, thanks.
I went to see Carry On Constable when it was on there... oh I'm getting old!

Theatre Square 1962
Can you remember the underground toilets in the middle of Upper Parliament Street? Between Queen and King Street, opposite what was the Royal Mail garage.
with Always an attendant there, polishing, cleaning, checking on the stalls, issuing and collecting the towels, soap, shampoo, proper shaving cream and razors, always for hire for 2d a go!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Appeal from Stewart Rowley

Calling Author and playwright Peter Rowley

Peter, who I believe to be a relative, of mine, and living in America.
I would love it if  he could get in touch with me again please, at:
67, Sherbrooke Road
or at this site and I will get the message.

Thank You very much!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Advice from the Lovely Margaret

The Red Ant is one of the commonest and there are eight species of them here in the UK.
Their sting is the piercing type and can be painful.
Colonies of 100 to 300 can be found under stones and paving or sometimes rotting tree trunks, in most gardens, which is where Margaret was, doing some weeding by hand, when she uncovered a nest of red ants, and dropped the weed, and retired from the area - too late though. As you can see by the picture above, of the bite she received, the incision and poison still in her leg, after about 6 weeks of her being bitten!

“I felt nothing at the time, but later when I went to work, it felt hot, and I noticed a small swelling, that grew in severity of pain as time went by, and I began to feel bilious and unwell.
When I got home, I had stomach pains and was sick.
The swelling got bigger and more painful, and the poison spread widely, eventually I went to the medical centre, and discovered it was due to a Red Ant bite!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Failed Retail Outlets on Mansfield Road

On my 40 minute walk into the centre of Nottingham, along Mansfield Road, I noticed the ever increasing number of failing business's. (as in so many other areas of Nottingham too)
So I took along my camera the next time, and took these sad photo's.