Friday, 25 May 2012

St Peter's Gate Nottingham - signs of the times!

A 2011 photograph taken from the side of the Big Issue Sellers outside the  M&S Store, (where one can buy a small loaf of bread for only £1.99) from the bottom the St Peters Gate, the usual signs of Nottingham being present:
The chap having his free drink from the church
The proliferation of For Sale to Let signs on the retail and office properties.
No signs of any Police Officers or CPOs.

A 2012 photograph taken from the side of the Big Issue Sellers on Bridlesmith Gate at the top of St Peters Gate, just up from the charity shop and the famous shoe shop where ladies can buy fashion shoes from only £99.99.

The increase in for sale, lease, & rent signs if notable. The old Virgin, then HMV abandoned store on Wheeler Gate (just out of view at the bottom) is still on offer for rent at only £322,344.00 a year, oddly enough no takers have been found.

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