Nottingham Cinema's Glory Days

The Odeon

The Odeon became the first cinema in the UK to be split into a twin screen operation, in 1964.
The 2010 picture is so sad, the Asbestos had been removed years earlier, and the grand old building joins those others around the city - empty, for sale, rent, or unsafe to use!

The Moulin Rouge Cine

I recall this cinema being famous and renown for showing 'foreign' films of a dubious morality - Yes porno of the day! It stood where a PC World outlet does today, on Mansfield Road-Milton Street. Most of its customers could be seen coming out wearing raincoats with hats pulled down over their eyes! The Mini in the picture, tells us it was 1959 or later!

The (Hippodrome) Gaumont

Barrasford's Royal Palace of Varieties on the corner of Wollaton Street and Goldsmith Street, Nottingham, opened as a theatre on 28 September 1908.
In 1927 it became the Royal Hippodrome cinema until 16 February 1948.
When it was re-named as the Gaumont. In my youth I attended the kids Saturday morning show - a cartoon, a film, then a live amateur band and a dance in the aisles! all for 1/3d (5.3p) 
It closed on 16 January 1971 and was demolished in February 1973. 
Barrasford House, an office complex, was built on the site.

The Tudor
The Tudor stood at the end of Central Avenue, West Bridgford - now long gone!
Anyone remember going there? Being on 'Bread & Lard Island' as we poorer citizens called West Bridgford, it had less ruffian elements than others!